Cancer Horoscope

Jul 15, 2020… Cancers could start out feeling like they’ve been hit by a mid-week low today. What’s got you feeling under the weather? Are you singing the blues from a little heartbreak, or just finding yourself on the wrong side of the bed? In any case, while the energy can feel a little heavy for a few moments, you absolutely have the power to turn it around. A little love will go a long way today — and the more you give it, the more you will feel it. Sprinkle it around and you could see those blues go up in smoke.

Today’s Soul Advice: When we fall down, we must gather our strength and stand back up again. Pause, breathe, and crawl until you’re ready to get back on your feet. You’re strong. When you stumble (and we ALL do sometimes!), get back up and keep moving forward.