Gemini Horoscope

Sep 29, 2023… You could get an opportunity to surprise others with how much you know today. You know there is more inside of you than most people realize. If something comes up that just begs for your secret expertise, let folks know what you really think and show them just how capable you can be. They’ll appreciate your special touch and start wondering what other secrets you have up your sleeve. Play your cards right and you won’t go unnoticed today, Gemini.

Today’s Inspiration: It’s okay to sometimes feel like the world is disappointing, irksome, flabbergasting, and that the only way to fix things is to set it on fire and start over. Try not to dwell in this dark place, though. Instead, talk it out with friends, find someone else who needs your special brand of kindness, or start a new project. Of course, if you do decide to set your world ablaze (metaphorically, of course), don’t be a boring villain who just sits back and watches. Make s’mores.