Gemini Horoscope

Sep 30, 2023… Gemini could have a surprise in store today. It won’t likely be the kind that sends you running for cover, though. It can be anything from a little moment where you realize something you didn’t realize before to a big score at a garage sale. Look forward to moments of delight to savor and keep an eye out for something to make you say, “Wow!”

Today’s Inspiration: It’s okay to sometimes feel like the world is disappointing, irksome, flabbergasting, and that the only way to fix things is to set it on fire and start over. Try not to dwell in this dark place, though. Instead, talk it out with friends, find someone else who needs your special brand of kindness, or start a new project. Of course, if you do decide to set your world ablaze (metaphorically, of course), don’t be a boring villain who just sits back and watches. Make s’mores.