Weird Weather Phenomena, What Causes Raining Fish?

Raining fish sounds almost like a children’s book story. People have observed this phenomenon all around the world. There are descriptions and representations of raining fish from ancient times. It has occurred in many places, including Honduras, where they call it Lluvia de Peces, England, and America. Just recently, it occurred in Texas, which is familiar with the Raining Fish phenomenon. It occurs when drafts or waterspouts sweep up small animals that live in or around the water. It usually occurs when a storm comes through leaving small animals along the streets and yards following the storm.

   The mystery of the fish rain becomes even more complex when one considers that some places where it has happened are hundreds of miles apart but in very dry areas. If one were to look at the water cycle, one would notice that precipitation usually occurs near bodies of water. Still, there is not always a body of water nearby or mentioned in any reports about them falling from above with raining fish.

   One explanation for the phenomena is that the area where these events take place is due to the dry conditions in these areas. When fish die, they would not rot right away and instead dry out into mummies. When the wind picks up just right, it could carry this dried fish carcass into the air with ease and then eventually drop them on some unsuspecting town below. Nobody has been harmed in the recorded falls, and the only damage noted has been limited to people’s roofs where the fish fell.

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