The 4 Most Inspiring TED Talks for Under-30s

The X Most Inspiring TED Talks for Under-30s

Are you feeling stuck, unhappy or otherwise unmotivated? Do you need a good kick in the rear to get back on track? If so, check out these most inspiring TED Talks for the under-30s crowd. Whether your goal is professional success, lifelong happiness, assertiveness or gratefulness, these talks will give you the tools and motivation you need to make it happen.

How to Speak so People Will Listen

Ever feel like nobody is listening to thing you say? Julian Treasure offers some sound advice in his TED Talk, “How to Speak so That People Want to Listen.” Treasure discusses the power in swearing off negative speech like gossip, making excuses, exaggerating, boasting and lying.

Treasure also encourages conveying honesty, authenticity, integrity and love when you speak, which reflects empathy and understanding. Another gem is the art of lowering your voice, rather than raising it, to command attention.

The Power of Introverts

If you have an introverted, mellow personality, you may feel the pressure to be more outgoing and social. You don’t have to be. Susan Cain offers her insights in “The Power of Introverts.” Cain argues that introverts make the best leaders because they’re often creative, talented and allow others to express their own ideas.

But how do you get noticed when the extroverts always get all the attention? She encourages introverts to strategically place themselves in ways that make them invaluable to their organization, even if it’s in the shadows.

The Science of Happiness

Do you always have to get what you want to be happy? Not necessarily. Dan Gilbert argues that happiness is possible even if life isn’t going as planned in his TED Talk, “The Surprising Science of Happiness.”

Gilbert points out that positive and negative life events have less of a long-term impact than people think. For example, the average happiness level of someone who wins the lottery and someone who loses function in their legs is often similar after a year has passed. Happiness, therefore, is a state of mind and not dependent on life events.

The Happy Secret to Productivity

Want to be more productive? Shawn Anchor says the secret to working harder is to cultivate happiness in life. In his TED Talk, “The Happy Secret to Better Work,” Anchor talks about the power of positive psychology and the adverse effects of negative thinking. He posits that the happier you are, the more you can achieve.

If you’re looking for more in your life — that piece of insight or direction that brings everything together or gives you a better sense of clarity and purpose — watch these most inspiring TED Talks. They may give you the guidance you need to take that next leap forward.

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