5 Fun Hobbies You Can Do In A Dorm Room

X Fun Hobbies You Can Do In A Dorm Room

Hobbies are much more than frivolous activities people do in their spare time to stave off boredom. According to Psychology Today, hobbies can help you manage stress, add structure to your life and help you make new friends. All in all, hobbies add joy and interest to your life, which can make you a healthier, happier person. But what if you live in a tiny space, like a dorm room? Are there hobbies that won’t take up a lot of space or bother your roommate? Absolutely!

1 Cross-Stitching

If you’re looking for a relaxing hobby you can carry in your backpack and do anywhere on campus, cross-stitch may be your game. A type of embroidery, cross-stitch involves following color-coded patterns and placing X stitches on aida cloth to create a picture. The patterns can be simple, such as a frog or rainbow, or complex, such as a landscape or portrait.

2 Jewelry Making

If you have storage space for a few tools and supplies and can carve out a small work space in your room, you may want to think about taking up jewelry making. This hobby is ideal for creative types who enjoy designing and perfecting intricate pieces. What’s more, jewelry making can become a lucrative side gig if you can find a market for your pieces.

3 Model Building

Building scaled models appeals to a wide variety of people because there are so many different types of models to choose from, including planes, cars, trains, houses, furniture, dolls and more. While you may be limited to smaller projects while living in a dorm room, you’re sure to find a model kit that appeals to your interests.

4 Photography

If you need a hobby that will get you outdoors, photography may be perfect for you. You might not even have to purchase equipment to get started. If you have a smartphone with a professional-grade digital camera and photo editing software on your PC, you have everything you need. There are several smartphone photography groups you can join on social media to connect with others and hone your skills.

5 Fish Keeping

Love fish? A freshwater nano tank will take your dorm room from drab and boring to a fish-lover’s paradise. Nano tanks are small (five gallons or less) biodiverse ecosystems complete with plants and small fish species, such as betta, rasboras or endlers. You can also add a few shrimp or snails to keep your tank tidy.

Whether you have a few minutes at a time or several hours to devote to your hobbies each week, it’s important that you make the effort. Doing something you love on a regular basis can make your college experience less stressful and more enjoyable. And who doesn’t want that?