LEGOs: Not Just for Kids!

One of the most amazing ways to nurture your inner child and tap into a sense of joy is to do something you loved when you were a child. For instance, if you always loved coloring, you could pick up an adult coloring book and experience that love all over again. You can even buy adult coloring books with sassy phrases and swear words if you’re so inclined. 

And then, there’s LEGOS — the first love of nearly all American children. Sitting down and piecing together intricate models fascinated and occupied so many children. 

The good news is that if you loved playing with LEGOs, you don’t have to consign that interest to your childhood. LEGOs aren’t just for kids. I’m serious! Check out this insanely AMAZING LEGO railway — built for adults, by an adult:

Other childhood interests that translate well into adult activities include building models, cycling, painting, and chalk drawing. 

To indulge your inner child, just think of what brought you joy then. It probably still brings you joy now. In fact, jumping up and down in muddy puddles isn’t just for kids or for Peppa Pig, either. We give you full permission to have fun at any age. Yes, you’ll get some odd looks from your neighbors, but it might bring joy to your heart.