Is ‘Dressing for Success’ Still A Thing?

Is Dressing for Success Still a Thing?

Is everyone over-hyping the idea that dressing for success works? There are so many clothes to choose from, and the more practical and well-rounded attire is more affordable. Why spend the extra money on something as frivolous as clothing? In truth, the way you dress DOES matter. Here’s how choosing to wear quality clothes puts you on the path to success.

Quick Read:
Great clothing gives off a great first impression which is everything in our fast-paced world. People want to know everything about you with a glance at your wardrobe and resume. Send off the best message you can by dressing for the occasion and winning them over as soon as you walk through the door.

The Answer is YES — and THIS is WHY!

Your First Impression is Your Clothing

The first thing any stranger notices about you is what you’re wearing. Your choice in attire tells other people a great deal about who you are. That could be a message you don’t intend.

Wearing a hoodie in cold weather will keep you warm, but it isn’t telling onlookers you’re a professional. On the other hand, bundling up in a suit and tie with a heavy wool pea coat makes you look polished and ready to take on the world.

You never know who you’ll stumble across in public. Err on the side of caution and dress to impress.

Your Clothing Changes How Your Brain Functions

Looking the part and impressing people is only half of the story. The clothing you wear dramatically impacts the way you imagine yourself. Your mind has an uncanny ability to trick itself into believing whatever you want it to believe. Tell your brain who you want to be by dressing the part; wear clothing associated with successful people and you’ll convince yourself that you ARE a success.

There’s a reason scientists and doctors dress in a lab coat or scrubs; it makes them recognizable and helps them to focus on on their role in a hospital or lab. Wearing red clothing helps athletes feel more energetic, which helps them lift more or run further. Formal clothes improve your ability to think abstractly and aid in business negotiations. In short, your wardrobe should match what you want to accomplish.

Choose Your Wardrobe with Intent

Look: we all know clothing makes the person. For better or worse, that’s just the world we live in. But you need a method to the madness or else you’ll find yourself stressed out every morning.

Start by focusing on how you dress at work; aim to make an impression without being super pretentious.

Dressing up shows that you’re ready to take the job seriously, so it’s an excellent way to get started with becoming a sharper dresser – especially if you’re trying to impress your boss. On the other hand, dressing down invokes a sense of comradery between you and your co-workers. Plus, going casual in a formal environment inspires confidence in your own skills.

Changing your style without reason won’t get you far. But before you rush out and buy a tuxedo, heed this advice: changing your style without reason isn’t wise. People can tell the difference between when you’re intentionally sending a message and when you’re being lazy. Switch things up every now and then and people will take notice of you.

Clothing is Empowering

Wearing formal attire so much more than just blending into a professional work environment. Dressing up a level around the house inspires confidence and a sense of power. Try doing a day’s worth of projects around the house in a nice shirt or jacket instead of your pajamas next time. You’ll find you can get much more done in a day when you feel powerful.

Your clothing is akin to a suit of armor. It’s a protective layer that shields you from unneeded self-criticism, self-doubt, and powerlessness. Take a good look at your wardrobe and fill in the gaps so you can dress your way to success.

~Here’s to Your Success!