The Student’s Guide to Health Insurance

The Student's Guide to Health Insurance

College is filled with excitement, a little anxiety and a lot of hard work. One of the last things on your mind should be worries over how you’re going to pay for your healthcare. Here are some alternatives to explore so you can get the medical care you deserve.

Purchase a Plan on the Health Marketplace

It happens, a bad chest cold that doesn’t get better or a rash that never seems to heal properly. Both warrant a trip to the doc, but when you don’t have health insurance, it might mean you can’t go. It’s time to change that. Your health should be your top priority.

One way to get access to quality healthcare is through the health marketplace. Here, you can choose a plan that is affordable based on your income and tax status. Another option is to sign up for a student plan through your college if they have it. They offer affordable health care options for basic coverage.

Utilizing Your Family Plan

Are you under 26? You may still qualify for coverage under your parent’s health insurance plan. This means you can be enrolled in college and even living outside of the home and still be eligible.

Being under your parents’ plan may not be totally free. It depends on the type of insurance they have as well as applicable deductibles and copays. In addition, depending on what state you live in, you may be able to get a health insurance rider to extend your eligibility through your 29th birthday.

Do You Qualify for Medicaid?

If your parents are on Medicaid or Medicare, or are you are a single dependent and meet income eligibility, you may be able to get Medicaid. There are different types of Medicaid coverage and eligibility guidelines, so you’ll have to apply to see if you qualify. Your first step is to fill out an application on the website. From there, you’ll be notified about a decision within 30 days.

Take Advantage of Local Clinics

There are many options nowadays for quality healthcare, but you may need something right away. Don’t hesitate to check out “after hour” or urgent care clinics. It’s a viable alternative to emergency room care. They have affordable rates, and some low-cost medical clinics bill based on a sliding scale. Also, if you’re a student on a healthcare campus, check your school’s policies. You may be eligible for services, free health checkups and dental care at little to no cost to you.

It can be an adjustment going from having your parents taking care of most financial responsibilities, including health care, to taking on those responsibilities yourself. Now is the time to sort out your healthcare options and get a solid plan in place. Health is important. Treat it like gold so you can secure a bright, healthy future.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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