6 Items You Should NEVER Pack For College

It’s back-to-school season, and thousands of college students are returning to campus. But amidst all the move-in day chaos, many students don’t realize how much they’re overpacking.

Universities typically include packing lists, but what should you avoid bringing to school for the best possible college experience? Here are 6 items that you should never pack for college when you live on campus. 

1. Graphic T-Shirts

Every college is known for giving out free merch, whether it’s a giant state university or a small private school. T-shirts are given out at nearly every event and game, especially during the first few weeks of school. Avoid bringing t-shirts from home because you’re guaranteed to bring twice as many back with you by the time summer rolls around. 

2. Printer

Unless you’re desperate to print something at 2 a.m. when on-campus facilities are closed, there’s no need to bring your own printer to college. Most schools require you to pay a fee that covers printing costs anyways, so you might as well utilize the library and classroom printers that you pay to have access to.

3. Extra Shoes

Be careful to avoid packing all 20 pairs of shoes that you may own. In dorm rooms, there’s not a lot of space for storage, and shoes tend to take up lots of that space. Try to only bring your most versatile pairs of shoes that match the most amount of outfits. 

4. Desk Chair

If you have a nice desk chair at home, you may think that it would be fun to switch things up and replace the chair that comes in your dorm. The thing is, most residence halls have a policy that doesn’t allow you to remove your desk chair from your room. If you bring in a desk chair, you won’t have anywhere else to store the chair that’s provided.

5. Books

Books are a pain in the neck to move, and they take up lots of space that can be used for your personal items. Unless it’s books that you need for class, avoid bringing your favorite reads along with you. You can utilize your school or local library to help you get your book fix without storing novels that are not getting used.

6. Linens

All you need is one set of sheets, one comforter, two pillowcases, and a couple of towels that you wash on a regular basis. Once you have all of your items in your dorm, there is no extra room for linens that have no everyday use. Having an excess of blankets, pillows, and towels will only create more mess.