5 Tips That Every College Student Should Know

every college student

College is a time of your life when you leave one chapter and begin a new one. It is a time of growth, growth that can be both exciting and painful. There are some small pieces of advice every college student should know in order to get through this change.

Parents say all the time to their children things they wish they would have known their age, things they wish they could go back and tell their younger selves. Before beginning this new chapter of life, there are 5 things that every college student should know to best prepare them for success. 

1. Choose Your Friends Wisely

Very few people remain in contact with their old high school colleagues. Most of the people you’ll call your lifelong friends are the ones you meet in college. One of the benefits of attending a university is that there are thousands of students from all over the world there in a new place just like you.

Your friends, however, can help motivate you to succeed. They can also distract you from your studies and cause you to fall behind. As an adult, you are in full control of your actions and choices. Therefore, choose your friends wisely. Be mindful of the characteristics you wish to see in your closest friends, and let that guide you. 

2. You’re Not Going To Be Living Large

The “broke college kid” stereotype exists for a reason. Most students work multiple jobs, have student debt, and are having to pay monthly bills for the first time. Because of this, your funds may seem like nothing during the school year. IT’S OKAY!

Your purpose in going to college is to get a degree that brings you one step closer to your dream career. Once you’re there, a salary-paying job will come. Until then, your time will be limited to your classes and schoolwork. Learning to budget while money is tight will serve you well in the future. 

3. Your Grades Matter

This is one of the biggest things that every college student should know. While your high school grades helped get you into college, there is a greater weight that comes with your college grades. Public school was free. In college, you’re paying your school for every class you’re taking. Therefore, failing a class will result in you having to pay to retake it again.

In addition, many scholarships are renewed yearly only through you maintaining a certain GPA score. To prevent the risk of losing your scholarships and financial help, be sure to work hard to succeed in your classes. Your bank account will thank you later on for this. 

4. Look For An On-Campus Job

One of the biggest struggles for working college students is managing their time in being able to balance having a job while going to school full-time. While working and making money is important, you’ll be working the rest of your life. College is only for a few years. 

The closer your job can be to your school campus, the more efficient it will be in helping you to manage your time well. More and more colleges and universities are recognizing their student’s need for jobs and are helping to compensate for just that! Be on the lookout for student worker positions on your college campus.

5. Sleep

Lastly, the trend that too many college students fall into includes pulling all-nighters for studying and chugging energy drinks daily to compensate for lack of sleep. Sleep is not something that is interchangeable with caffeine. You will quickly reach burnout and lose motivation by the time midterms week comes around.

Studies are showing more and more the importance of adults getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night, and how lack of sleep negatively affects the brain’s cognitive abilities to function to its fullest potential. Be sure to schedule time throughout your day for studying, leaving your nights open for you to wind down and sleep.

These are just 5 things that every college student should know. If you follow each of them, you will set yourself up much better for success in your college career.