Best Way to Reject Plans When You Have to Study

Best Way to Reject Plans When You Have to Study

When devoting time to college studies, priorities must be in order to accomplish certain goals. For some the work comes easy, but for others it takes a lot more concentration and devotion to study for exams and tests. But what about when plans get in the way? It’s alright to say no. Here are some of the best ways to flat out reject plans when you really need to just keep your nose in a book.

Create Strict Deadlines and Stick to Them!

That last-minute text to go to for coffee with the bestie can be so very tempting. Only problem is, cramming for that test must be top priority. Offering a polite regrets only reply is something that must be done. Get that studying down pat by utilizing every minute of a predetermined time block. Set up a time frame with a deadline when studying and just stick to it!

Find a Secret Hideaway Locale

Hanging out in the dorm or apartment may seem peaceful, but if friends drop by unannounced, it could be a huge distraction. Find a top secret location where you won’t be found, like a corner bookstore or the college library. This lets you study without interruptions and distractions. Stay away from areas where your friends may be hanging out, so you won’t be put in the position to reject sudden plans.

Shut Down Social Media

Plans don’t always arrive with a knock at the door. Sometimes a group text on social media can trigger a distraction. Avoid having to say anything; just turn off social media  temporarily. This allows for a chance to cram for that exam without any interruptions from friends wanting to drive you away from the task at hand.

Don’t Make Yourself Available

Rejecting plans starts with not making them in the first place. Even if you’ve said no to date night with a significant other, be sure there’s no room for a sudden surprise visit. Even a few hours before you begin studying, make yourself unavailable. Turn the ringer off the phone, lock the door and slip into concentration mode.

Be Straight Up

Sometimes the best way to reject plans when you need to study is to just be honest. Nagging roommates and friends can be relentless and even try to bring the party home. Tell them you need space and quiet time. Be upfront with your study time and ask to reschedule plans for another day. It’s really that simple.

Temptation abounds in college when friends go out to concerts and the hottest bars in town. It’s easy to give in and skip studying all together. The result is losing all that hard-earned time and money spent on classes and studies. Break the habit of giving in and do yourself a favor by just saying no on those days when studying should be the priority.