What Your Dream Vacation Says About You

Dream vacation

Imagine you didn’t have to worry about money, responsibilities, or time. Imagine the only thing you have to worry about is marking your dream vacation off your bucket list. 

What would you choose? The vacation spot of your dreams may have some implications on your personality that you never realized. 

First, how long would your dream vacation be?

If nothing demanded you back to work or home, how long would you be on vacation? 

If you crave a long, uninterrupted vacation, chances are you feel close to burnout in some area of your life. You feel like you need a reset or maybe you just want to run away entirely.

Are you taking on too much at work? Are you pouring out when you should be receiving support in your personal or professional life? Perhaps you’re neglecting the ability you have to ask others for help.

On the other hand, if you’re only craving a short or average vacation you’re quite content with this stage in your life. You feel productive, somewhat energized, and appropriately rested. 

Second, where would your dream vacation be? 

The vacation destination that you choose often has to do with how you see yourself and what fuels you most. The good new is you can work on these things even when you aren’t on a luxurious vacation! 

Island Getaway

You’re looking to turn your brain off and turn relaxation on. You want to shake off all that stress and fully embrace the art of resting. 

You’re more flexible with your days as long as you can protect that feeling of stress-free fun. There’s nothing more refreshing to your soul than your toes in the sand and your attention on the shoreline.

In your everyday life, look for what is stressing you out and try to cap it off or approach it differently. Protect your peace so you don’t have to feel like you need to run away when things get hard. 

Mountain Getaway

You’re adventurous and looking for a thrill, but you also just want to feel free from certain responsibilities. Hiking, biking, and exploring small mountain towns allow you the appropriate amount of social isolation that you crave. 

You aren’t necessarily running from work, but rather social obligations or overstimulation. This is a key piece in understanding how you can get that peace without running away!

You can get this same effect by strategically scheduling social time so that you are not overstimulated. There’s no shame in having some time for yourself, especially if it’s the fuel you need to be social and take on the week.

Historic Town Adventure

Rather than running away from stress, you run towards intellectually stimulating things. Learning new things is enough to help you feel mentally rejuvenated and ready to take on life. 

In your day-to-day life, offer yourself challenges and learning opportunities to keep you energized all workweek long. 

Big City Adventure

You’re looking for something bigger than yourself. You crave new experiences and often get bored easily. You need fun in your life to feel fueled. 

Try scheduling things that excite you throughout the week. This will allow you to balance your work-life and after-work-life so that you feel ready to take on any and every day of the week.

Even if your dream vacation isn’t in the cards for you right now, understanding what you’re craving can help you in your day-to-day life. Discover what you are desperately craving and find little ways to satisfy that where you are in life right now.