These Dangerous Trees Just Might Kill You

Trees are pretty amazing, aren’t they? They give you shade from the hot sun and even produce breathable air — well, algae and plankton might say the trees are getting more credit than they deserve for oxygen production. Still, there’s an inner tree-hugger in all of us, and that’s a very good thing.

You might get misty-eyed at the sight of a Christmas tree, let out a happy sigh while you enjoy the relief of the shade, or even get excited when fall foliage season arrives. I haven’t even mentioned fruit trees yet! It all sounds so idyllic until you realize some of them kind of want to kill you.

This spooky fact is science, not an urban legend. There are at least 10 trees you should never, ever touch. In fact, the first item on this list is covered in menacing spikes:

Its fruit may look both harmless and familiar, but it can actually explode. Another tree injures people by dropping heavy projectiles on your head. And then, there are the trees that actively produce a deadly poison. 

Before you panic and raze down the forest in your backyard, know that knowledge really is power. You don’t need to give up your love for trees. The more you learn about these incredible plants, the safer you’ll be. Take precautions, and you can enjoy them —  from a safe distance, of course.