The Best Types of Music to Listen to While Studying

Types of music

Music surrounds us everywhere we go. Whether it’s on a long car drive or at a restaurant, music is often almost always in the background. Music is even a big part of your education, and there are types of music that are best suited for studying. 

Music releases endorphins and other chemicals into our brains that we process as happiness and pleasantness. When you need to crank out some homework, having music on helps your brain to focus better!

Music relaxes the mind, minimize distractions, and improves your concentration. There are some genres of music that can help accomplish this more than others!

Instrumental Rock Music

Studies have shown through surveys with students, that most prefer little to no lyrics within the music they listen to while studying. Choosing music that will stimulate your brain enough to keep it focused without becoming distracting is key. 

For those who still want some movement in their playlists to avoid falling asleep to it should look for a more upbeat, higher BPM style of music. Instrumental rock is a great option for this case. It has enough movement to keep the mind stimulated without getting you off track.

Classical Music

You’ve probably heard the rumors of classical music being a go-to genre for study time, and for good reason. Classical music has also proven to reduce stress and improve sleep quality as well.

If you’re someone looking for music that provides just the right amount of background noise, classical music is the way to go. Classical music has a wide range of dynamics and composers to fit every mood. 

Nature Sounds

This is a great alternative to traditional study music. Nature sounds improve your concentration by keeping your mind engaged at a subconscious level. 

Whether this is considered music or not, it is another great option for something in the background of your study time.

Ambient Music

The more atmospheric style of ambient music is great to have on in the background while reading a book or writing a paper. It isn’t very busy in its musical movement, but still fills space.

Why It Works

One of the many cool aspects of music is the variety and diversity there is to the sound, movement, and overall “feel” of the different genres. Whether you need an upbeat, more fast paced playlist to stimulate your brain, or a soft, more subtle playlist to fill in space and center your mind on the tasks in front of you, music can provide both. 

Different types of music stimulate your brain in a unique way. Studies have shown that it can reduce anxiety and stress the same way a body massage can.

The next time you sit down to complete your long list of assignments and class tasks, pick a genre of music to play in the background. You’d be surprised at how much sharper and in tune your brain will be!