The 10 Largest Forests on Earth

Did you know that a third of the earth is covered in forests? It’s true! In fact, you can catch a glimpse of the 10 largest — and arguably most glorious — forests on Earth without ever leaving your living room. Just click play on this video:

These sensitive natural systems play a critical role in the ecological stability of our world. They’re not only beautiful but also completely worth celebrating.

The Benefits of Earth’s Forests

You may think you don’t need to worry about preserving forests because there are just so many of them, but you’d be wrong! Forests carry so many benefits. They create much of the oxygen we breathe and absorb carbon dioxide while also providing homes for humans and wildlife alike.

Trees keep the world cool, but they provide nice shady zones for you to enjoy, too. They also play a role in flood prevention and protect sensitive ecosystems. In addition to giving natural resources from lumber and resin, the Earth’s forests also create jobs in logging as well as forest management and conservation. 

How YOU Can Help Preserve Them

With so many benefits, it’s important to protect the world’s sensitive renewable resources. There are even ways YOU can do your part:

  • Plant more trees!
  • Support nonprofit organizations that conserve and protect these forests.
  • Become a conscious consumer and purchase forest-friendly products. 
  • Purchase certified and sustainable products to make sure you aren’t participating in deforestation.
  • Enjoy forests with your friends and family. Consider going on a hike and appreciating the natural beauty.

Nature is pretty amazing. You can be a part of making sure these forests are here for years to come. What difference will you make today?