Capricorn Horoscope

Jul 29, 2021… You could hit some snags today but your Capricorn persistence will save the day. Of course, a Cap likes things to be “just so” and can really strive to make that happen. So, when outside influences come along to throw a wrench into the works, keep cool. Trust your vision and connection to all things beautiful to bring things back to as close to your ideals as you can. If you can’t quite get it perfect, count on your ability to see beauty in everything to perhaps find it is even better.

Today’s Soul Advice: Life can be very simple when we choose not to complicate things. Live in and taste each moment. Find joy in the simple and the ordinary. See the sky as if you were a famous painter or hear the music as if you were the creator of symphonies. Each moment is precious and can be filled with wonder if we just allow it to be.