Aquarius Horoscope

Jul 02, 2022… Your brain could be on the fritz today, which can be irritating for any Aquarius. If you find it is almost impossible to focus on what you’re doing, this can be really frustrating for you. It could start a vicious cycle, as the more annoyed you become, the harder it is to get your head on straight. Don’t worry, you haven’t broken your brain! Today’s scattered mind will be a temporary dip in the road and keeping a sense of humor about your oopsies can really make the day’s vibe go from feeling blocked to hilarious and full of laughs.

Today’s Inspiration: When you get weary, rest. Take a break. You aren’t ever weak for knowing when you need to recharge. You’re wise and you’ll come out stronger if you give yourself time to rest. Stay strong. You can keep going once you’re ready and rested, friend.