Aquarius Horoscope

Mar 1, 2021… New opportunities could catch your interest today, but you may need to think twice about them. Earning more money sounds great, but not at the expense of your time, freedom, or peace of mind. If something compromises your morals, you don’t have to say yes. If an opportunity pays 50% better, for example, but requires more travel than you desire, you could end up unhappy (not worth it!). Weigh all the benefits and drawbacks before making a move.

Today’s Soul Advice: Anticipating the future, trying to determine what needs to be done and how to do it, can be extremely overwhelming. You may feel like you’re drowning when you try to take it all on at once. Take a step back, and refocus your mind. All big pictures are made up of little steps. Take just one and you will make all those problems just a little smaller.