Aquarius Horoscope

Sep 30, 2023… Expect your patience to be tested today, but you can pass the exam like a pro. It can be tricky to stay clear of people and situations that get on your nerves, but you’ll be likely to find the vibe to rise above it. Your keen Aquarius senses should easily be able to read the room and see what situations are worth your time. If that friend or loved one needs some solid advice, you’ll still have patience and compassion to be there for them. Getting your focus in the right place can make you feel solid about your place in the world.

Today’s Inspiration: It’s okay to sometimes feel like the world is disappointing, irksome, flabbergasting, and that the only way to fix things is to set it on fire and start over. Try not to dwell in this dark place, though. Instead, talk it out with friends, find someone else who needs your special brand of kindness, or start a new project. Of course, if you do decide to set your world ablaze (metaphorically, of course), don’t be a boring villain who just sits back and watches. Make s’mores.