How to Develop an Infectious Personality

You don’t need to be the center of attention to captivate your audience. A warm greeting and some leading questions about their interests is all you need to become the person everyone wants to hang around with all of the time. These tips will help you make the become an engaging, exciting influencer who really attracts attention and love.

Quick Read:
Becoming infectious and likable by everyone? Yes, it’s possible – and it’s also extremely easy! By mastering the art of conversation and body language, and knowing who you’re talking to, you become a better buddy. Add in an interest in what they’re interested in to enable them to talk about their interests and you really become the man (or woman) of the hour. Here’s how to pull it all together.

Want to Become the Life of the Party? Here’s the Secret!

Master the Handshake

The easiest way to become the most likable person in the room is with a greeting they’ll never forget. Give them a great smile and look them in the eyes while shaking their hand. Tell them it’s a pleasure to meet them with confidence and a sense of warmth.

One tiny caveat: how much pressure you use really does matter. Gripping their hand too firmly is almost worse than too lightly, especially with women. You can turn anyone into a friend once you master to art of first impressions.

Let Them do the Talking

People love to talk about themselves and their interests. That’s not to say that everyone is a narcissist; rather, we don’t always get the chance to talk about everything we’re interested in. Let your new acquaintance talk about themselves instead of attempting to control the conversation. Ask plenty of questions related to what they’re talking about as if they’re the only person in the room. Be sure to encourage them on their future endeavours and congratulate them for any accolades they’ve received.

Know Your Audience

Make similar preparations for meeting new people that you’d do for a job interview. Learn as much as you can about them and find talking points before walking into the room. Find out where they’ve lived and worked, topics of interest about their city, and any hobbies or contacts you may share. Use this information to your advantage to show an interest in who they are and what makes them special.

Engaging Body Language is Essential

You may be listening intently to your new friend and very curious about what they have to say, but what if your body language betrays you? Body language is an essential part of any conversation, and few of us are automatically born knowing just how nuanced it is. The good news? It’s easy to learn.

Keep smiling and making eye contact with them as proof that you’re listening and interested in what they’re saying. Use hand gestures or nod your head when it feels appropriate.

Slouching and staring at anything other than your new friend are tell-tale signs that you’re bored and no long interested in them. Ensure that your body is giving off the right message and intentions in your mind when you’re invested in a conversation.

Everyone is Worthy of Respect

Not everyone realizes or believes that they deserve to be treated well. Vibrant personalities understand that everyone deserves respect so they give it out freely. They treat everyone as equals without judgement.In fact, that’s exactly why infectious people are so easy to get along with.

Even the most humble person wants to feel important. Everyone has something unique to bring to the table, which is often overlooked in their day-to-day life. Start every conversation with the true belief that you have something to learn, and that everyone has something to teach you. Follow the tips above to truly speak to them and become the person everyone wants to be around.