Sagittarius Horoscope

Dec 09, 2019… Sagittarians will likely be concerned about their health today. If you feel like you need to boost your wellness, start by finding ways to lower any stress you might have on your plate. Your own thoughts can consume you if you let them, but you don’t have to go down without a fight. A mix of relaxation and physical activity can help you on your journey. You can work off that excess energy inside and get healthier at the same time.

Today’s Soul Advice: Commitment is a big, strong word that can have a huge impact on life. Like, are you committed to your goals, your significant other, yourself? When you commit to something, whether it’s an ideal or a person, you make sure to follow through on promises and give your all even when the tough times hit. When you learn to commit to your own heart and purpose, you discover that you have the ability to commit to many great things.