Virgo Horoscope

Dec 09, 2019… The problems of the world may tend to weigh heavily on the hearts of Virgos today. There’s no shortage of negativity in the world… or media coverage of it. If you feel like all your positive energy has been sapped, the vibe will be right to recharge it. Take some time out from the news and filter those social media posts. If you need to scroll through cat memes to start feeling more like yourself, then so be it. A fun mental retreat could be exactly what you need to get in touch with your own life and enjoy some time of your own.

Today’s Soul Advice: Commitment is a big, strong word that can have a huge impact on life. Like, are you committed to your goals, your significant other, yourself? When you commit to something, whether it’s an ideal or a person, you make sure to follow through on promises and give your all even when the tough times hit. When you learn to commit to your own heart and purpose, you discover that you have the ability to commit to many great things.