Libra Horoscope

Jul 28, 2021… Fully accepting who you are may be easier today. Libras walk to the beat of a unique drummer (usually — several drummers in a chorus or rhythms). Your style is your own, and the path you create is your very own. You may have an unusually rich inner world filled with a wide variety of possibilities. Today’s energy can help you embrace all that you are. The energy around you is filled with compassionate vibes for self love, so let out some of that Libra enthusiasm for life and be your most authentic you.

Today’s Soul Advice: Life can be very simple when we choose not to complicate things. Live in and taste each moment. Find joy in the simple and the ordinary. See the sky as if you were a famous painter or hear the music as if you were the creator of symphonies. Each moment is precious and can be filled with wonder if we just allow it to be.