These Apps Turn Studying Into A Game

Turn studying into a game

Preparing for an exam takes a lot of work. Repetition helps your mind recall the curriculum when you’re put to the test. The thing is, it often feels tedious. Is there a way to change the rules and turn studying into a game instead?

It can be difficult to find new and inventive ways to study without falling asleep halfway. However, studying doesn’t have to be a chore.

Check out these apps that turn your studying into a game!


Quizlet is one of the most popular apps and widely known for its’ helpful hand in learning tricky subjects for students. Quizlet provides a variety of different studying options. This includes flashcards, matching, and custom quizzes made for you.

Quizlet is one of many great apps that turn your studying into a game. Whether you’re trying to memorize formulas for calculus or the latin roots of words, Quizlet makes memorization much easier!


Kahoot is a great study tool if you’re looking for a way to study with a group of friends or colleagues! While the music begins to get stuck in your head, your competitive side will come out with this game. Kahoot allows you to create flashcards, like Quizlet, to study from, while also including multiple choice question formats as well.

This website will then take all of your pre-made flashcards and questions and mix them up for a quick Q&A game. In the game, you earn points for how quickly you answer and the accuracy of your answer. This is meant to be a multiplayer game, where only one will win. 


Quizizz is kind of like a combination of Quizlet and Kahoot. This app creates quizzes based off of the material you’re learning, as well as presentations and polls. That way, you have multiple methods of solidifying your knowledge. 

Quizizz is also praised for its organization. Everything is on one page, making it very easy to navigate. 


Anki is a flashcard-alone app, and doesn’t need anything more than that for how helpful it is! This app adjusts to your desired learning style and speed, and will keep track of which flashcards you answer correctly and incorrectly most of the time. From there, it will repeat the more challenging questions until you get them correct.

Thanks to the smart technology behind this website, Anki acts as a personal tutor to its users, helping students to quickly prepare and memorize materials for any upcoming exam they may have.


GoConqr is another great app for not only flashcards, but for connecting with fellow colleagues online as well! This website will help you find flashcards already made by teachers, tutors, and other students on your desired school topic.

GoConqr will do the work for you, helping you to find resources on your course you didn’t even know existed. 

Everyone studies and learns in different ways, which is what makes each of these apps unique. Each user is different in their studying needs. You may love one app, and strongly dislike another, so be sure to try each one out to see which one helps you the most.

Happy studying!