Can Listening to Music While Studying Have a Positive Effect on College Students?

studying music

Music has been around for centuries, and has evolved with new genres introduced. Technology has grown to the point where almost every hallway, work building, or social gathering has music playing in the background. 

A study performed by music expert and coach Dan Spencer showed that those who knew how to read music or play an instrument outperformed their peers in their academics. He goes on to say parents would further benefit from investing in music lessons outside of school programs for their children, as it stimulates the brain in a way that will move into their abilities to multitask and concentrate in their other courses. 

Benefits of Background Music When Studying

For full-time college students, their courses can range anywhere from 15-18 credits per week, and the workload is insane. Music enhances a student’s endurance in studying. It improves concentration as well as motivation during those long hours in the library. 

Music is also typically an automatic mood-booster, not only positively affecting the student’s overall mental state, but studies have further shown that music improves memorization of school subjects. 

Does Some Music Help More than Others?

Multiple studies have shown classical music to be a great option for a genre of music to listen to when memorizing those chemistry formulas, writing essays, etc. The music itself should be calming to the mind, easing any anxiety or stress when having to complete long and intensive assignments. Some helpful music genres can include:

  • Classical music 
  • Instrumental music of any kind
  • Music that doesn’t have “busy”  lyrics, such as indie-pop

Listening to music has many benefits and improves students’ academics in more ways than one. So for the students who think music is distracting and not beneficial to their learning, play some of your favorite chill artists and playlists. Watch not only your mood boost but your grades as well!

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