Here’s Why Procrastinating Will Ruin Your Grades

We’ve all done it- procrastination is a common habit among college students. And because of it, other less important activities take precedent over your studies. But just because something is due tomorrow, it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to wait to do it until tomorrow.

Studying your coursework at the last minute can do some serious damage to your overall GPA. Here’s why you shouldn’t put off assignments if you want to keep your grades.

It Causes Stress

When you put off an assignment, you’ll put much more stress on yourself than what is truly necessary. Staying focused while under a time crunch induces a panicked, adrenaline-driven response to the task at hand.

Past surveys of college students have shown that an average of one in four students report a decline in their academic performance because of stress. Is that something that you really want to be adding to your life by procrastinating?

It Affects Organization

In order to have academic success, you need to have organizational skills. Scrambling to finish an essay or an assignment half an hour before it’s due will only throw off your groove. Because you’re so wrapped up in finishing the next thing, you’re less likely to be proactive about starting other upcoming projects in a timely manner.

Without having an organized schedule or studying routine, it’s difficult to perform well. You’ll easily lose track of assignments and underestimate how much time some of your schoolwork may take.

It Ruins Your Sleep

It’s so hard to stay engaged in a lecture or have the motivation to get ahead on your studies if your sleep schedule is out of sorts. Procrastination has a tendency to wreak havoc on your sleep, and this can be detrimental to your grades.

Healthy sleep is a necessary aspect of the learning process. Research shows that without it, you have a lessened ability to utilize your memory for learning. If you take the initiative to get ahead in your schoolwork and avoid putting things off, your brain will thank you. It will be much easier to focus, learn, and perform if you protect your sleep from late-night cramming.