Balancing Your Career with Your Creative Spirit

Balancing Your Career With Your Creative Spirit

You were born to create, and yet the world dictates that you spend most of your waking hours working a job to pay the bills. Your creative spirit could suffer if you don’t keep it fueled, but time and resources can get in the way. Keep that inner fire burning bright by finding the right balance between your day job and your creative endeavors.

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Finding a balance between creativity and work isn’t always easy, but it’s important to keep that creative well from running dry. Keep it filled by setting aside the time to create, finding ways to get creative at work, or taking the leap to a career change that will allow you to do so. Check out the full article for details on balancing your career with your creative spirit.

Find Balance Between Your Career and Your Creative Spirit Now!

Honor Your Hobbies

It’s easy to let work force your passions to the wayside when long hours or office drama can leave you too tired even to cook dinner in the evenings. However easier said than done it may sound, you need to make time for yourself. If you don’t set aside an hour here and there to fuel your fire, the rest of the world will do nothing but drain you. Work will feel more stressful. Family and home life will be more exhausting. Life will feel more demanding. Keep your creative well filled, and you’ll have more emotional energy to meet life’s other challenges.

Create at Work

Just because your job might not meet your creative needs, that doesn’t mean you have to lose all creativity once you clock in each morning. Keep a voice recorder or dedicated notepad at your work area, so you can quickly record any ideas that come to you while you’re working. Bring materials with you to work and treat yourself to flash crafting sessions during your breaks.

If your hobbies are too messy to bring to work, extend your creativity in other ways. Try your hand at organizing holiday office door-decorating contests, for example, or talk to your boss about any special projects that you might be able to help out with.

Take a Leap

Despite your best efforts, you still might find it impossible to reach that balance. If that’s the case, you may need to reassess where you choose to direct your energy. Does work make it impossible to pursue your creative endeavors? Maybe it’s time to find a career that gives you more creative freedom, or at least one that leaves you with enough energy to keep that creative well filled.

Supplement your hobby–or even justify a pay cut to take a less demanding job–by selling your creations on Etsy or ArtFire. Worst case scenario, your listings don’t sell like hotcakes. But if they do, you could just end up starting a well-paying gig for yourself.

Your creative spirit is an important part of who you are, so don’t neglect it. Seek out that balance, finding ways to work with or around your busy schedule. You have so much to offer, so don’t keep it bottled inside. Find your balance, share your gifts, and keep that creative fire burning bright.