Get to Know the Axolotl


These Mexican water critters are curious to look at and intriguing to learn about. Their fringy external gills are just the start of their unique nature. Axolotls have a crazy superpower unlike any other animal, and scientists are still perplexed by it.

Unique Features

Predators try to tear off the limbs of this creature when they attack. However, the limbs lost aren’t gone forever! This animal grows back whatever body part that it originally lost.

It happens perfectly every single time! Regeneration is found in other animals, but not nearly to the extent of the axolotl. 

Impressed? So is the science community. With this level of regeneration power and resistance to bodily harm, people wonder how this could help in the medical field. Axolotls naturally change normal cells into stem cells, which is why their body can restore itself so easily. This process can even allow parts of one axolotl to attach to another seamlessly. 

Crazy, right?! If you want to see it for yourself, watch this video by Animalogic! 

About the Axolotyl

These animals have relatively long lives, spanning about 15 years. Because of their regenerative abilities, these lucky things get to live in prime physical condition until they die. 

The reason for this is that “unlike other salamanders that undergo metamorphosis, axolotls never outgrow their [juvenile stage]” (National Geographic). This process is called “neoteny”. Neoteny also allows axolotls to keep their adorable outer gills that people are so fond of. 

These Mexican lake creatures are usually brown in the wild. However, in the domestic world they are bred to be white and pink. 

Read up on your state laws first before considering an axolotl as a potential pet. Owning an axolotl is illegal in 5 states. 

Sadly, axolotls are critically endangered. Look for ways to be mindful of their conservation and spread awareness of these unique creatures!