You’re Already Grown. So What Do You Want to Be?

You’re Already Grown. So What Do You Want to Be?

What did you want to be when you were a child? Is that what you are now? You’re already grown, but just because your originally dreams didn’t work out doesn’t mean you can’t make new dreams come true. Let’s make that happen, shall we?

Quick Read:
Believe it or not, most people don’t figure out what they want to be until they are grown – sometimes not until they’re in their 30s. If you’re sweating the fact that you aren’t “there” yet,” listen up: you’re doing better than you think. Childhood dreams of being astronauts or movie stars don’t usually work out. The challenge is finding a career you love instead of a job you must do to survive, and we can help.

It’s Your Time to Shine. Let’s Rewrite the Story!

Childhood Predictions

Can you remember being in elementary school and being asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? Like others, you probably wanted to be a ballerina, astronaut, firefighter, or even a movie star.

It’s really common for young children to answer like this. After all, in childhood you just want to be the same as the people you admire most. It just so happens that most kids admire people who are brave, beautiful, heroic, and helpful.

As you grew up, your original choices may have faded into the background. Maybe you’re now flipping burgers and dreaming of what you really want to be in life. Okay, so it’s possible becoming an astronaut is out of reach – and maybe you’ll never be the movie star you wanted to be, but you can shine.

What Do You Love?

Getting to know yourself is the key to finding out what you want to be. Don’t get mired down in the requirements of certain careers. Sit down and write a list of what you love. Are you a fashion diva? Can you not function without music? Do you spend your free time making things? Write down everything you can think of that you love. Keep that list handy. Treasure it. Work towards doing more of it, whatever you write.

A Free-Thinking Exercise

Now comes the fun part; let’s explore your strengths and generate some ideas. List out all of the many careers associated with your “loves” list.

  • Is it fashion? Become a designer, model, boutique owner, or fashion journalist.
  • Is it music? Maybe you’re destined to be a DJ, music journalist, or musician.
  • Love kids? Become a daycare provider, teacher, counselor – or even a parent.

Let your mind run free and jot down any possible careers you can think of. Don’t worry about how much or how little they relate to each thing on your list. Most often, the first career that comes to mind is what your subconscious wants you to focus on.

What Do You Need

Depending on the career you’re curious about, you may have to make some major life changes and decisions to make it work. You might have to enroll in classes, join groups, apprentice or even work extra shifts to make your dream career a reality. What’s important is that you take the steps, no matter how small they seem. It might be the difference between growth and stagnation – and that can change who you are much faster than you even realize.

Go for it – we know you can do it!

~Here’s to Your Success.