The Best Study Playlists on Spotify

The Best Study Playlists on Spotify

It’s time to cram for that big final exam. This means you’ll need time to focus and hit the books without a lot of interruptions. One way to clear your mind and drown out that background noise is to tune in to your favorite playlist on your phone or computer. But what’s the best music to have on when you’re trying to focus and absorb information? Let’s take a look at some study-focused playlists on Spotify.

White Noise

If you’re the kind of student who can’t have music playing in the background to concentrate, there’s another alternative: white noise. Like a blowing fan or rain pouring outside, this type of sound can mask or reduce how much you hear the disruptions around you. Spotify has a white-noise playlist that includes a variety of soothing sounds you can play to drown out your loud roommate while you’re studying.

Intense Studying

Plug in your earbuds and try Spotify’s intense studying playlist. You’ll hear songs by artists like Mark Souzek and Elliot Zieglar. The tone is calming with a touch of classical and instrumental favorites. The songs on this playlist will help you home in on what you’re doing and drown out what’s buzzing around you.

These songs are focus-enhancing and can help you divert to your studies through improved concentration. Because most of the songs don’t contain voice lyrics, you’re less likely to get sidetracked.

Instrumental Sounds

Sometimes all you need is some instrumental background noise to get your coursework completed. Incorporating instrumental tunes into your playlist can provide a backdrop of sound to help you easily retain and absorb what your reading or watching. This type of playlist is good if you’re easily distracted by your surroundings. Get the most out of your study session with some piano, guitar or saxophone playing in the background.

Don’t Forget Your Favorites

Mood-altering tunes are great for putting you in the right mental space to study. If a little Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith in the classic rock genre really get your brainpower going, then by all means, blare it out! Set up a playlist now to help you study when you need the right vibes to retain a lot of information and prep for a test.

Why Is Music so Helpful When We Need to Concentrate?

You may be asking yourself why music is so helpful when it comes to studying. Some people believe that listening to music, classical music in particular, has beneficial effects on the brain. This ideation, coined the “Mozart Effect,” is based on the idea that the intricacies of some types of music can boost the brain and maybe even increase intelligence. Some studies have shown that music improves focus, mood and motivational activity. It may also help with memorization and positivity, aiding in boosting memory.

People tap into all sorts of music types and genres for whatever mood they’re in. Everyone’s taste is different, so there’s nothing wrong or right to listen to. Whether it’s classical or 70s soul music, as long as it helps you focus and get in the mood to complete the task on hand, go for it!

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