This is What Your Learning Style Says About You

Learning style

Do you know your learning style?

You experience the world in a unique way and may process it differently than other people. This is not a bad thing at all…it’s actually a really great gift! However, it can be frustrating when you struggle to learn in the way that you’re being taught. 

Most of the ways to take in information can fall into one of four different styles of learning. Understanding this can change how you study!

What are learning styles?

Your learning style is simply how you prefer to be educated. Your style of learning allows you to understand information the most efficiently.

The way that you take in and process information can fall into four categories: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. These are typically called the VARK model.

What is the VARK model?

The VARK model was created by a man named Neil Flemings. Although there are many different versions of understanding learning styles, Flemings’ was the most praised for its accuracy.

This model was designed so that students could understand a bit more about their learning preferences while in school. These four models seem to reflect the majority of both students and teachers. 


What is a visual learner?

As a visual learner, you learn best with the use of graphs, maps, or other forms of graphics to comprehend an idea. You understand new information by finding visual differences between ideas. 

This means that your type of learning style works with charts, drawings, patterns, and shapes to learn. You use your eyes to spot the difference between multiple things so that you can fully understand a concept.

You are more partial to observation in your classroom. You’re the type of student to have tons of doodles, notes, and lists in your notebook. 

How can you learn as a visual learner?

You work best by keeping your eyes on the whiteboard. Looking at words, charts, and diagrams can go a long way for you. Keep up the doodles and note-taking and ask your teacher for visual aids when learning about new topics.


What is an auditory learner?

You understand information by listening and speaking. Lectures, discussions, and study groups are your best friend when understanding a topic. 

You tend to pick through the ideas you just heard after a lecture by asking questions or discussing them with others. You process information by verbally unloading or diving into it. 

How can you learn as an auditory learner?

Listening during lectures goes a long way for you. If you have a hard time understanding the information, it could help to audibly talk about it until it sinks in. Repetition and pneumonic devices are great tools for you to use while studying.


What is a reading/writing learner?

You take lots of notes, learn more from reading the textbook than from going to class, and excel in writing concepts in your own words.

You tend to enjoy essays more than homework problems, google information in order to understand it, and draw near to expressive wording. 

How can you learn as a reading/writing learner?

You learn best in the modern-day school system, lucky you! You flourish by expressing concepts in essays, reading, and doing research.


What is a kinesthetic learner?

You understand information when it’s tactile. Your best learning happens when you have your hands on something. Extracurricular activities feel much more natural to you than the typical classroom lecture.

How can you learn as a kinesthetic learner?

You learn through examples, simulations, and practice. You understand concepts by acting them out or creating tangible examples. Try pairing movements with words, phrases, or concepts that you have to memorize.

Go and learn!

Your preferred learning style plays a big role in your behavior and learning. Now that you understand what your learning style is and how to activate it, you can increase your comprehension and motivation inside and outside of the classroom.