The Science Behind Having a Crush

Science behind having a crush

Attraction is an interesting thing. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to make any sense. Having an unexpected crush on someone may lead you to wonder what led to that crush in the first place. However, there’s more science behind having a crush than you would think.

A lot more goes into why that one person gives you butterflies than washboard abs and popularity. This is the science behind having a crush.

Experiencing those lovey-dovey feelings doesn’t stem from the organ of the heart, but rather from the brain. Different compounds of chemicals and calculations all come into play when it comes to choosing a mate. All of the senses work together to find you the perfect match for possible healthy offspring. 

The Role of the Senses


The eyes scour the dating field for those who are high in reproductive health. Your subconscious looks for things like healthy hair, skin, and nails so you can pass on attractive genes. 


When your eyes see something they like, your brain asks you to scoot closer so your other senses can investigate. The nose detects certain pheromones that can indicate the individual’s level of reproductive health and important genetic information.

The cool thing about pheromones is that you can’t actually smell them, but they heavily affect your level of attraction. Both men and women can sense positive reproductive health through each other’s pheromones. 


There’s a little more to it than sweet words from your lover that makes you want them more. The sound and placement of their voice also play into your attraction towards them. 

Taste and Touch

It’s clear that touch plays an important role in connection in a relationship. However, did you know that taste also plays a role? Swapping spit during kissing can confirm the attraction that your other senses have been investigating. 

Don’t overthink it!

Don’t let all the talk about attraction and reproductive health lead you to think there’s nothing more than genetics at play. Attraction is a complicated thing and there are many levels to it. If you like someone, it’s worth the time to figure out what about them is so special to you.