Rock Your Admissions Essay and Get Into Your Favorite Program With These Insider Tips

There are only so many spots available in your dream college. What makes you stand out among the other applicants who want to enroll? Hint: it’s your admissions essay. Unless you put enough effort into it and really “sell” yourself, you just won’t secure that coveted spot. We’ll teach you how to catch the attention of your reader with these professional tips.

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Getting your admission essay accepted by the college of your dreams isn’t as difficult as it seems. Start writing the paper as soon as possible, make it stand out, and show your personality to get yourself in the door. Get the scoop on specifics and figure out how to succeed with the best admissions essay ever.

Discover the Secrets to Getting Your College Admission Essay Approved

Get Started Now

There’s no time like the present to tackle a challenge. Admission essays are intimidating and it’s tempting to push writing one to the last minute. Fighting off the intimidation is already enough, so don’t force yourself to fight time, too. It’s more difficult to make your admission paper stand out when you’re rushed and stressed out. Take the time to do it right.

Mention Personal Experiences

Bring up your credentials and interests in your paper, but don’t forget about the human element. Rattling off impressive stats and accomplishments isn’t as important as connecting to the reader. You’re a person just like them, so share a personal story and tell them why you have a connection to their school. Family ties, being a fan of their sports team, and showing interest in the school’s specialty are great topics to bring up. Schools want to know why you want to attend there more than anything.

Address the Essay Question

Many college admission essays require you to answer a particular question; these prompts are often pretty open-ended. With that said, you need to write within the confines of the topic at hand. Typically the questions are similar to “When was a time that your beliefs were questioned and how did you react?”

Don’t overlook or side-step this question and go on a tangent. There’s plenty of room for you to inject your own personality and experiences into the essay without getting off-track. You may not get to talk about everything you want, but you can still stand out by showing your creative flair and your ability to stay on topic.

Your First Sentence Needs to Stand Out

There’s so much content in the world and no way for us to keep up with everything. We browse through headlines until we find something that peeks our interest. Everything else is ignored.

Newspaper and blog headlines are flashy and catchy for a reason: they’re bold, exciting, and demanding of your attention. If you want to catch the eye of admissions, the first sentence of your admission essay should capitalize on this theory.

Think about it this way: the reader is going to show little interest if your paper doesn’t start off strong. Almost immediately, you should summarize and provide a glimpse of what your paper is about – but make it interesting. Start Your intro shine with a quote, personal anecdote, or another way to make the reader curious.

Be Yourself

You’re far more persuasive and relatable when you’re being yourself. Trying to be someone you’re not is exhausting, but it’s pretty shallow and easy to see through, especially for admissions workers.

Look, here’s the thing. There’s no reason to hide who you are in your admission essay because your college wants to know who you are as a person. They consider everything, from your experience and skills to your culture, when they bring you on. So, don’t be afraid to express yourself and be confident. Sharing your passion with others gets you farther than trying to be someone else.

The point is to be open and honest about who you are in your admission essay. You’re sure to get accepted as long as you stay on topic and show some personality. There’s no reason to wait on getting your degree, so apply before spots get snapped up by other students. You can start writing your essay today!