How to Pass an Exam Without Studying

Pass an exam

You got too busy and didn’t have time to study for a big test that’s coming up. Is there a way to pass an exam without studying?

It was a risk to skip out on studying. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes skipping out on lengthy study sessions can work out in your favor.

There are ways to pass an exam with a good grade without cramming for it the night before. Having your nose in a book all night isn’t going to give you the clear mind you need to succeed. 

Learning these tips and tricks allows you to walk into the classroom ready to pass that test without sacrificing your precious time beforehand. 

In the classroom 

It is important to be intentional about soaking up the information as soon as you get it. If you are invested in learning during the class period, you won’t need to focus on studying outside of the classroom to do well on the test.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

If you have questions in class or outside of class, ask them! The teacher will be happy to help answer them. A good teacher will help you succeed by fully answering any questions you may have. This way you can be confident that you understand the material before you begin the test.

Take really good notes.

Taking notes is a great way to retain information. Make sure that you take notes that you can understand rather than what the teacher says word-for-word. 

Take notes based on the concepts, not the words. This way you can fully understand what you are learning even when questions are worded differently on the test.

During the test

Write down anything you feel like you will forget as soon as you get the test. This includes anything that your teacher said was important to know before the test. 

Read through the test before answering any questions. This will help you jog your memory before answering the questions. This way the teacher will know that you fully thought through the questions before jotting down the answer. Plus, you may even find the answer to one question worded in a different question further along in the test. 

Answer the questions carefully and intentionally. 

Answer the easiest questions first and skip the rest. If you focus on the difficult ones first, it may overwhelm you. 

Your brain may need a little time to warm up. In the meantime, answering the easy questions will help give you confidence that you can do well on the test. 

Make educated guesses.

Don’t be afraid to make educated guesses on the harder questions. Some teachers give grace points when it comes to educated guesses. If you can prove that you were paying attention to the curriculum by your educated guess, you might get some points even if it was wrong. 

If you are having trouble jogging your memory from what you learned in class, underline the keywords in the question. You could also rewrite the question in your own words. You may get tripped up on the wording of the question, so these are great tricks to not let those words get in the way of your answer. 

Check your answers.

If you have time to spare on the test, read through your answers. Make sure you fully answer all of the questions you were asked. 

A little intentionality in class goes a long way outside of class. By using these hacks, you can now pass an exam without studying.