5 Productivity Tools for Chaotic Dorms

5 Productivity Tools for Chaotic Dorms

College life is buzzing with activity and excitement. And, let’s be honest, that’s part of the allure of going away to college, right? Who doesn’t want four years away from their parents to push boundaries and bask in the freedom that college life brings?

But there must also be some balance. You still have to do your work and pass your classes, and that can be easier said than done. Parties, inconsiderate roommates and nonstop activity in the dorm can sabotage your productivity. Here’s what you can do about it.

Get Organized With a Calendar

Learning how to manage time effectively is a huge problem for many college students. This is especially true if you’re prone to losing track of time when you’re having fun. In addition to planning ahead, creating a to-do list and focusing on the most important tasks first, you can maximize your time by getting organized and using time-management software and calendars.

Block Out the Noise With Music

When it’s noisy, you can’t concentrate on what you’re reading, let alone retain any of it. If this is an issue, grab some noise-cancelling headphones and listen to Brain.fm, a channel that only plays focus-enhancing music. Remember, not all tunes will help you focus. If you feel distracted, you may need to try something more soothing.

Use Time and Habit Trackers

Distractions destroy good habits. Time and habit trackers help fight back against distractions and keep you on track. Time trackers include web browser extensions and apps that prompt you to work for a specific amount of time, such as Toggl, Rescue Time and Klok Desktop Application. Habit trackers keep you motivated and show you where your habits can improve. They include Habitify, 42 Goals and Momentum.

Download a Distraction Blocker

Even when you do get to sit down with your laptop, the distractions can keep coming. Email, social media and pop-up news stories all vie for your attention. A distraction blocker will stop all of it. Some of the most popular distraction blockers include Cold Turkey, Rescue Time and Zero Willpower.

Take Advantage of Google Drive

When all else fails, you can get up and leave your dorm. The library, cafe or a spot on the lawn may be much more conducive to studying than your room. The key to being completely mobile is to store your documents in Google Drive or create documents in Google Docs. This allows you to access your work from anywhere, on any device, and frees you to be mobile while you work.

It’s possible to enjoy the social abundance that college life brings and keep your grades up too. You just have to strike the right balance and find the strategies that keep you on track. Once you find what works, you can party, study, rinse and repeat.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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