5 High-Paying Jobs in Tech

5 High-Paying Jobs in Tech
5 High-Paying Jobs in Tech

Research company, Forrester, predicted that about 9 percent of all jobs in the United States will be lost forever to automation and computers in 2018. This article from Technology Review predicts even greater changes in the coming years. It may seem easy to look at stats like this and despair, especially in our already-struggling job market.

However, the rise of technology isn’t just making jobs disappear. It’s creating new ones as well — and these are the jobs that can earn you the some of the most financial success.

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Tech is expanding, and it’s changing the job market in the process. While some jobs will be lost, others, particularly high-paying tech careers, will break through the surface and grow. In this post, we’ll cover a few of the fastest-growing, highest-paying tech jobs inspired by expanding tech: video game design, software development, web development, IT, and digital marketing. Use this guide to find out how you can amp up your prospects and get employed faster.

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Video Game Design

Artists and developers who go into video game design have many options: take courses online, study from a university at home, or use self-directed learning options from sites like Coursera and Udemy. A Bachelor’s degree is recommended, but many of today’s brightest game development companies hire people based on skill demonstration alone.

Job prospects in video game design show a growth rate of around 8 percent. These numbers aren’t as robust as some of the other careers on this list, but the hefty average salary of $70,000 makes it worth considering.

Software Development

“Software developer” is an umbrella term referring to tech workers who specifically develop and create software, programs, and applications. Most work for businesses creating custom applications, but some may work in IT, game design, television, and other media outlets by assisting with software on the back end. They work with code, streamline the development process, and ensure applications are just right for their clients.

Becoming a software developer is perfect for people who become bored easily. Every job is unique, and with 24 percent growth before 2026, it’s easier than ever to move on or advance your career. An average salary of $100,000 makes this a profitable choice.

Web Development

Web developers create websites, web applications, and sometimes mobile apps for businesses, private clients, and organizations. They use code, like HTML5, .ASP, AngularJS and Ionic to make information more accessible and appealing to visitors. Options for working at home, freelancing, and contracting make this an attractive choice for Millennials and younger workers. However, anyone can learn web development basics right from home.

Web development shows a growth rate of 15 percent, which exceeds the national average (8 percent). The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an average pay of $67,990 a year, but those who start their own agencies have the opportunity to make much, much more.

Information Technology

Like software development, information technology is really an umbrella term referring a long list of careers. Here’s a few of the most common examples:

  • Programmers
  • Network Managers
  • Network Architects
  • Application Engineers
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developers
  • Network and Cybersecurity Specialists
  • Computer and Information Research Scientists

These individuals, usually called technicians, work with technology to serve clients, businesses, or their own companies directly. They’re responsible for maintenance, troubleshooting, support, and advanced IT demands.

Growth within the IT sector varies across specific jobs. Just check out BLS.gov’s list of IT specialties here to see a few examples. One of the brightest career paths, Computer and Information Research Science, is projected to grow by a remarkable 19 percent, with an average salary of $114,520 per year.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketers sell, promote, or spread the news about products and services online. This may include creating websites, running webshops, selling products, or marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Digital marketers also research, develop and implement marketing campaigns, including efforts that span offline and online channels.

Forbes reports the digital marketing industry is growing by leaps and bounds. They also note that Digital Marketers have significantly better work-life balance than most other tech workers.

PayScale indicates an average salary of $50,162, which may not seem all that high for an entry-level position. But experience and stepping into top-level positions may net you much more — over $150,000 per year. Agencies make even more — sometimes into the millions.

It’s no secret that tech now permeates every part of our lives. From how we buy groceries to how we shop, the future is automation — but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any job opportunities. Step into the world of tech from the comfort and freedom of home, where you can start on your way to becoming a part of a better future.