Unusual and Exciting Careers

The way people work now has changed, but for the most part, the jobs people aim for are the ones everyone has heard of. However, in this world, there are many unusual jobs for the taking. These jobs could be a chance of a lifetime in a unique career with a great income.

Line stander ($25 per hour)

When someone needs to stand in line, they don’t always have the time or the ability. There are people out there who will stand in line for you to save your spot. This would be very beneficial for someone who has flexible time on their hands or wants an extra side-paying job. The pay on this can vary based on what items you are standing for and the number of hours to do it.

Body Part Model ($75,000)

This career can pay a higher salary, especially if your body part is needed in many places. There are hand models, nail models, feet models, and more. You have to keep the body part in great condition, so it stays desirable. There have been hand models that were paid large contracts for using their body part.

Worm picker ($17-$38,000)

Some people harvest worms through farms, and some people harvest them in the wild. Bait shops need worms, and someone has to lift a rock and dig them out. This is a job that can be done on the side if needed.

Armpit sniffer ($70,000)

There is nothing better than the olfactory system of a human. When testing deodorant, there are machines used, but they also use armpit sniffers to tell the manufacturer what it smells like. A company may employ you on salary with health insurance and benefits for a job in this career.

Golf ball diver ($50-$100,000)

Players hit golf balls in the water, so they need to come out. Some people specialize in golf ball retrieving. They often do this in lakes with a complete set of diving equipment. Parts of the world are more golf-centric for this.

Bed Tester ($36-$45,000)

Another job where a machine just can’t replicate what a human experiences. Companies have bed testers that lay on beds, whether at the manufacture, a hotel, or any place you might use a bed. The tester knows how to feel for the depth of the mattress, the firmness, and more.

Snake milker ($60,000)

A snake milker is a type of zoologist. People who work in this highly specialized area extract venom from snakes and other reptiles which produce venom that could cause illness and death. They are specially trained in handling these sensitive and protected animals, which often have legal protection. To become a snake milker requires many years of education. 

Milkers extract venom for potential research properties. Biological scientists may be looking for specific genetic markers or attributes of the venom to test in a range of medical applications. Treatments and cures can often come from the most surprising of places. Specifically, they often use venoms to treat blood clots, combat blood pressure and reduce heart attack risk. The second main reason for extracting venom is for emergency procedures. When bitten by a snake, a patient could potentially have just a couple of hours to live without treatment. Snake milkers remove the venom so that medical professionals can create anti-venom to treat the affected person.

Dog food taster ($40,000)

Companies use humans to test the taste of their dog food. If a human thinks it’s terrible, a canine may too. Many of these testers are employed full-time with the pet food company.

Water slide tester ($40,000)

A Water slide tester evaluates the water slides at amusement parks. They are usually people who love the thrill of water slides and can also analyze the good and bad of a water slide.


These are just a few of the wild and possibly fun careers that are out there. Incomes vary, but it is possible to make a living without a boring office job, and who knows, maybe your unusual passion could make a viable career.