Brain-Sharpening Games That Raise Your IQ

Brain-sharpening games

Playing games isn’t just for kids, you know. There are tons of brain-sharpening games that are both fun and productive!

Many games are designed to make you smarter while having fun at the same time. These brain-sharpening games are the best way to build up that IQ of yours while you lay on the couch. Getting smarter has never been so fun!

Gaming Apps

Tetris: Research shows that the game Tetris actually physically changes your brain. It thickens your cortex, which helps with problem-solving, learning, memory, reasoning, thinking, and all of your senses. This game can help anxiety, brain efficiency, and literally reshape your brain.

Lumosity: Lumosity is an app that has significant positive effects on the brain. Reasoning, problem-solving, processing speed, cognitive function, and working/short-term memory are all benefited from this app. They have plenty of games and exercises to keep your brain learning and growing!

2048: This game is a single-player game where you slide puzzles. This fast-paced game allows you to work through increasingly complex situations. This game boosts the feel-good, rewarding chemicals in your brain while also building up perseverance.

Wordscapes: There are many games like Wordscapes that allow you to problem-solve word puzzles. These games are some of the best brain-sharpening games to boost cognitive abilities like concentration and problem-solving skills. It even helps productivity, social skills, intelligence, and help your motor skills. 

FitBrains: This may be one you haven’t heard of, but it’s definitely worth checking out. This app offers super engaging activities that improve overall cognitive function. They target problem-solving, language, memory, concentration, and visual skills.

Board Games

Scrabble: Scrabble is a classic game that is fun to play and beneficial for your memory. This game directly impacts the performance of your brain when it comes to solving challenging tasks, learning, and boosting memory.

Chinese Mahjong: This is a great game to boost logical thinking, attention, and short-term memory. Research shows that this game helps middle-aged to elderly people practice these skills better than most games.

Chess: Chess is one of the best games to play for strategy which makes it a great tool for your brain. Chess helps with pattern recognition, logic, decision-making, and memory. 


Sudoku: Solving puzzles in general is a great way to keep your brain healthy, so it’s no surprise that this game is on the list. This game actually delays the onset of dementia and gives your brain all the benefits of logic games.

Crossword Puzzles: Any crossword puzzle you can get your hands on helps you to hone in on one small, specific goal. This kind of concentration boosts executive function and working memory. It also is a great tool to help you solve everyday problems by using that practiced patience, focus, and determination.

Rubik’s Cube: Oh the classic Rubik’s cube. There’s a reason this little toy has such a place in  every toy store. Playing with a Rubik’s cube boosts muscle memory as well as trains focus, memory, and general problem-solving skills. 

Time to Play!

Learning, problem-solving, and building cognition doesn’t have to be as boring as sitting in on a lecture. You can practice those skills now by playing  games on your phone or with friends at a game night!

These brain-sharpening games may be just what you need to start exercising the most precious muscle you have- your cognition! Now go find a game to build those incredible skills and have a blast while you learn.