You’re Paying Way Too Much Money For Your Clothes

too much for clothes

Everyone loves a solid shopping spree. In one way or another, most people get enjoyment out of buying new clothes and rocking them the next day. However, the issue that most people on a budget face are the high prices they’re paying for the name brands they love. Are you paying too much for clothes?

There are stores to shop at for great clothing finds without paying the often over-priced costs for them. Thrifting will become your new favorite hobby as it is the best way to get good quality clothes for low prices!

1. Goodwill

Goodwill is a very popular thrift shop located all throughout theU.S. This store has anything from clothes, electronics, and other home goods. This is a perfect place to go for basic t-shirts, oversized jackets, and other layering types of clothing. There are dressing rooms as well to try clothes on in. 

A typical shirt from Goodwill can be as low as $1.99, and most other clothing at below $10. Goodwill is a great place to go as a person on a budget who is looking for some basic shirts and pullovers for very low prices.

2. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s closet is another great thrift store and is also a great place to trade in clothes for cash back! You can bring in old clothes you rarely ever wear, and if it’s in good condition, they’ll give you an option of cash or store credit.

This store resells many well-known brands like American Eagle, Free People, and Lululemon for half the price it’s normally sold at. If you’re looking for a more trendy thrift shop, this is a great place to find some of your favorite brands and pay an exponentially lower price than you normally would.

3. Marshalls/ TJ Maxx

These stores are very similar and owned by the same parent company. They are great places to shop for nicer clothing at a reasonably low price. If you need to dress in semi-formal attire for a class lecture or work interview, or event, this is a great place to look for clothing for times like those. 

These stores also have name brands and clothing for all shapes, sizes, and ages, making them universal and easy-to-find stores for new fits. 

4. Target

Target has very cute and affordable clothes, whether you think so or not! They have anything from workout and loungewear to semi-formal and everyday looks to browse. 

This one is probably the highest-priced store of the four; however, the clothes are new and well-made. When it comes to jeans, jackets, and dresses, spending the money is often necessary to buy a long-lasting product you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of.

5. Savers

Savers is another great thrift store to check out for well-made clothes at low prices. They have a variety of clothes organized by occasion and season. This store also has a weekly half-off Monday deal where all items are 50% off each Monday! Grab some friends on a Monday morning you have off of classes. 

Most young adults learn how to balance their spending on clothes. One of the best ways to spend less and perhaps shop more is through finding thrift stores around you to shop at instead of name-brand stores. 

Thrifting takes patience in being willing to sort through some of the not so pretty clothes to find the hidden ones within the racks, but for the low price you’ll pay, guaranteed it’s worth it!

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