Must-Have Skills for Home Ownership

Whether you want to own a home, just bought a home, or are new to taking care of a home, you will need to know some basic skills for seamless homeownership.

Typically, the parts of a home to cause issues are the little things that aren’t always easy to get an expert out for. Here are the must-have skills to know for owning your home and taking care of it.

Unclogging drains

Drains get clogged in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the shower. There are many ways to unclog a drain. One of the ways is to pour boiling water down the drain, then a cup of baking soda, then a cup of water and vinegar. The reaction that occurs helps to break up the debris, and it’s gentle on your drain. You can also use a drain snake or the plastic hair tool with little edges that you put down the sink and pull up the debris. You can also use a wet/dry vacuum or even a plunger.

Hanging Pictures

Learn how to use different types of nails and screws. Know that if a picture is too big, it’s better to hang with certain hooks that can be on a stud and withstand the weight. Use a laser measuring tool to make sure the picture is straight.

Fixing doorknobs

When you move into a home, you have to reset your keys to new keys, or sometimes you have to put on new doorknobs. Learn how to use a screwdriver to install new doorknobs, so you aren’t stuck with a hole in your door for days.

Resetting a circuit breaker

Get familiar with your home’s wiring and the circuit breaker. Know when to turn it on and turn it off. Take a look at what switches are on, so you can flip those switches back on if you do blow a fuse.

Cleaning gutters

Cleaning gutters is an easy task, but you can’t do it without a ladder and some tools. Don’t wait until a horrible thunderstorm to get up there on your ladder. Spend a nice day, especially after the leaves fall, to remove the debris from your gutters.


Get familiar with the different colors of caulk and a caulk gun. You will be caulking the edges of your home over the years. It’s simple, but you also need to learn the skill. There are videos online if you need visual help on how to do this.

Water Supply

Know where your water supply is and how to turn it off. This is good when you have a pipe break or when you need to fix anything that uses water.


Know how to change filters and the filters required. Order these extra pieces so you can switch them when needed.

Fixing a toilet

There are basics to fixing your toilet, but knowing how to fix the handle and the small parts will prevent you from having to call an expert.

Patch drywall

Buy drywall putty and learn how to fix drywall. That way, you don’t leave dings all over your walls, and you can easily fix them. Also, know how to paint those dings and purchase the correct paint for your home.

Owning a home is a great experience but can be daunting if you aren’t prepared with certain skills.